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NEED Hindi Audio Only This Source-

Looks like there will be s04 :D

Sir I want Hindi 640 Or 448 kbps Hindi Audios of Kingsman Series

1.Kingsman The Secret Service 2014
2.Kingsman The Golden Circle 2017

Why was this site closed for week I am so sad when I was try to open it......But thank god

Thanks in advance

Ebooks And Students Zone / Re: Sensational new comics
« Last post by SensationComics on 53 minutes ago »

Written by: Aaron Gillespie, Scott Snyder   Pencils by: Andy Kubert, V. Kenneth Marion   Inks by: Sandu Florea, Klaus Janson   Cover by: Brad Anderson, Sandu Florea, V. Kenneth Marion

The team returns to Challengers Mountain, only to find it completely obliterated! And without the mountain to replenish their borrowed time, it looks like they’re out of second chances. But for the Challengers to live to fight another day, they’ll need to use a power with a consequence that spells certain doom!

New Challengers 005 (of 06) (2018) (Phantom-SWA).cbr
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Written by: Warren Ellis   Pencils by: Jon Davis-Hunt   Inks by: Jon Davis-Hunt   Cover by: Jon Davis-Hunt

Stephen Rainmaker was the most dangerous man John Lynch knew even before he was inducted into the Thunderbook program. So much so that nobody could quite define how Thunderbook changed him. On his trip around America to warn his old team, Lynch left Rainmaker until last— for a reason. This is the visit that Lynch always knew could kill him. Meanwhile, Marc Slayton is discovering new things about America, IO and Skywatch.

The Wild Storm 017 (2018) (2 covers) (Phantom-SWA).cbr
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Written by: Ted Anderson   Art by: Jen Hickman   Cover by: Jen Hickman

 Everyone knows that the two greatest thieves in the city are the Moth and the Whisper. Very few know that the Moth and the Whisper disappeared six months ago. And what nobody knows is that the new Moth and Whisper are actually one person pretending to be both of them. One supremely skilled but uncertain young genderfluid thief: Niki, the child of the Moth and the Whisper.
 Niki has been trained by their parents in the arts of stealth and infiltration, but they’re still just a teenager, and now they’re alone, searching for their parents in a hostile cyberpunk dystopia. Corporations run the streets while crime lords like Ambrose Wolfe run the alleys—identity is a commodity and privacy is impossible. The truth about Niki’s parents and their disappearance is out there, but can Niki survive long enough to find it?
 A YA cyberpunk thriller starring a genderqueer super-thief, MOTH & WHISPER is the brainchild of Ted Anderson (My Little Pony, Adventure Time) and Jen Hickman (Jem and the Holograms, The Dead), that just HAD to be told at AfterShock!

Moth & Whisper 001 (2018) (Digital) (Oracle-SWA).cbr
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Written by: Patrick Kindlon   Art by: Marco Ferrari   Cover by: Patrizia Comino, Marco Ferrari

NEW SERIES! Disregarded, disrespected and dismissed, Renny has a chip on his shoulder.
 Once an equal partner in a criminal syndicate that rules Las Vegas, he now finds himself living in a shack in the desert. But the shack has a workshop, and Renny's been busy. It’s time to march his robot army into the neon hell of a cyberpunk Vegas and retake his seat at the table. Or take the wood from the table and build enough caskets for the whole syndicate.
 Old friends better run, because Operation PATIENCE! CONVICTION! REVENGE! is underway.
 Like an Elmore Leonard novel set in the world of Blade Runner, PATIENCE! CONVICTION! REVENGE! is offbeat and often funny, but all about the dark corners of cities and minds. A violent criminal genius with a bad case of monomania makes for the most fun you'll have with a comic this year.

Patience! Conviction! Revenge! 001 (2018) (Digital) (Oracle-SWA).cbr
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Written by: Bill Golliher   Art by: Rich Koslowski, Jack Morelli, Dan Parent, Glenn Whitmore

BRAND NEW LEAD STORY: “The Princess and the Pea!” Prince Archie can’t find someone to wed! When a wayward visitor shows up on his doorstep claiming to be a princess, she must undergo an unusual test to prove who she is!

Betty & Veronica Double Digest 266 (2018) (Forsythe-DCP).cbr
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Written by: Archie Superstars   Art by: Archie Superstars

BRAND NEW LEAD STORY: “Tutors By Night” – While Archie is being tutored by Dilton and Betty is tutoring a girl Dilton likes, they “arrange” a swap—but when Veronica finds out, she tries to break up the arrangement!

Archie and Me Comics Digest 010 (2018) (Forsythe-DCP).cbr
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Written by: Matt Kindt   Art by: David Rubin   Cover by: David Rubin

Matt Kindt! David Rubin! From New York Times best-selling Mind MGMT creator Matt Kindt and Black Hammer's David Rubin comes this fantasy adventure about a science-minded hero intent on keeping the balance between Earth and a magic world! With the final portal within their grasp, Boone, Grander, and team are on the cusp of saving both the Ether and Earth. However, victory won't be sweet, as Ubel holds more power than once thought. This conclusion of book two packs in action while also pulling your heartstrings!

Ether - Copper Golems 005 (of 05) (2018) (Phantom-SWA).cbr
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Written by: Christopher Golden, Mike Mignola   Art by: Peter Bergting   Cover by: David Palumbo

A psychic medium is captured by a crazed scientist desperate to find an occult object that will connect him to worlds beyond the veil, and paranormal investigator Simon Church and his hardy detective race to find the artifact with the help of the mediums assistant before its supernatural side effects can destroy the city. But another mystery looms larger than ever, as the occult detective searches for answers about his real identity and a past thats been kept secret for so long.

Joe Golem - Occult Detective--The Drowning City 001 (of 05) (2018) (Digital) (Oracle-SWA).cbr
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Written by: Emma Beeby   Art by: Ariela Kristantina   Cover by: Ariela Kristantina

Final episode! As Margarethas trial defense falls apart, she contemplates how Mata Hari the dancer became Mata Hari the spy--prepared to undertake a great mission for France to free her to be with the 'great love' of her life, away from war, poverty and memories of her past. But, her fate is set: she must die, and all thats left for her to decide is how she will face it and what legacy she will leave behind.
 * For mature readers.

Mata Hari 005 (of 05) (2018) (Phantom-SWA).cbr
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Written by: Adam Dalva, Darin Strauss   Art by: Emma Vieceli   Cover by: Emma Vieceli

A girl power epic! To save a boy she barely knows, teenage orphan Olivia Twist joins the Esthers, a rag-tag girl gang of thieves running free in a dangerous future. Olivia's life in this London of internment camps and dark technology gets even more complicated when she discovers that she has more power and wealth than she's ever dreamed of. But it comes at a great cost. Debut comic by internationally best-selling author Darin Strauss. Art by Vampire Academy and The Adventures of Supergirl artist Emma Vieceli. The Dickens classic reimagined! The latest from the Berger Books imprint!

Olivia Twist 001 (of 04) (2018) (Digital) (Oracle-SWA).cbr
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Written by: Mike Mignola, Chris Roberson   Art by: D'Israeli   Cover by: D'Israeli

Magic and science collide above London! The Witchfinder and his allies make a final stand when terror descends from the skies, and their nightmarish foe is finally revealed!

Witchfinder - The Gates of Heaven 005 (of 05) (2018) (Phantom-SWA).cbr
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Written by: Steve Behling   Art by: Gianfranco Florio

Gladstone Gander takes Donald’s place on Scrooge’s next adventure! Will he prove to be a good luck charm? Plus: Scrooge and the kids meet Huge McDuck, another billionaire who claims to be a long lost relative! But can he be trusted?

DuckTales 012 (2018) (webrip) (Gearloose-DCP).cbr
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Written by: Carlo Chendi, Joe Torcivia   Art by: Giorgio Cavazzano

“The Case of the Saucer Impostor!” O.K. Quack’s coin-shaped spaceship can shrink to the size of a real coin—and since Scrooge McDuck spent it and lost it, he’s forced to help Humphrey Gokart, ace detective, find it!

Uncle Scrooge 040 (2018) (webrip) (Gearloose-DCP).cbr
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Ebooks And Students Zone / Re: pitt's New Comics Releases
« Last post by pitt on 54 minutes ago »
Scavengers 00-11 (Triumphant 1994)

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Sir Upload John Carter  2012 Org  5.1 224 kbps HinDi AuDio

[RUNTIME]:...................... 02:12:02

Thanks In Advance

Give Me John Carter Movie 2012 Org  5.1 224 kbps HinDi AuDio

[RUNTIME]:...................... 02:12:02

Thanks In Advance

Only 640kbps Untouched available right now....you want..??
thanks a lot bhai bhai bhai bhai :*
It shows

Any solution for it ?

can it be possible on Google drive ??
BTW Here Is Direct Link
Gods of Egypt 2016 x264 720p Esub BluRay Dual Audio English Hindi GOPISAHI

Format : Matroska

Format version : Version 4 / Version 2

File size : 1 022 MiB

Duration : 2 h 7 min

Overall bit rate : 1 124 kb/s

Movie name : Gods of Egypt 2016 GOPISAHI


Format : AVC


Duration : 2 h 7 min

Bit rate : 900 kb/s

Width : 1 280 pixels

Height : 534 pixels

Display aspect ratio : 2.40:1

Original display aspect ratio : 2.40:1

Frame rate mode : Constant

Frame rate : 23.976 (24000/1001) FPS

Color space : YUV

Chroma subsampling : 4:2:0

Bit depth : 8 bits

Scan type : Progressive

Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.055

Stream size : 818 MiB (80%)


Writing library : x264 core 148

Audio #1

Format : AAC

Duration : 2 h 7 min

Bit rate : 125 kb/s

Channel(s) : 2 channels

Channel positions : Front: L R

Sampling rate : 48.0 kHz

Frame rate : 46.875 FPS (1024 SPF)

Compression mode : Lossy

Delay relative to video : -43 ms

Stream size : 114 MiB (11%)


Language : English

Audio #2

Format : AAC

Duration : 2 h 6 min

Bit rate : 96.0 kb/s

Channel(s) : 2 channels

Channel positions : Front: L R

Sampling rate : 48.0 kHz

Frame rate : 46.875 FPS (1024 SPF)

Compression mode : Lossy

Delay relative to video : 1 s 957 ms

Stream size : 87.5 MiB (9%)


Language : Hindi


Language : English



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