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How to Send Your Location to Facebook Friend

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April 13, 2018, 03:15:35 PM
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The most helpful thing of Facebook is it is very responsive. You can get Facebook Messenger as well as Facebook app to use this social networking website. For example, you want to chat with friends but do not want to get all the annoying notifications or anything else. Therefore, you can simply opt for the Facebook Messenger, which is available for almost all the platforms and for free. If you have Facebook Messenger on your mobile, you can do many things as it comes with plenty of awesome features those may help you to get better experience.

Now, suppose, you have met someone on Facebook. You and your friend want to meet somewhere. Suppose, you know a place but your friend doesn’t. At such times, you can simply send your location to your friend. Or, you can send any location you want. Let’s assume that you want to let someone know about a place. So, you can simply mark that location and send it. Google Maps is a good option to opt for. However, you have to open Google Maps, select location and then send it.


But, if you have Facebook Messenger, you do not even have to open Google Maps as this messenger comes with the option that can be used to send location to your friend. This is very easy and it doesn’t need any other app.

Send Your Location to Facebook Friend

As said before, you must have the Facebook Messenger app. The recipient may or may not use Facebook Messenger as this is possible to get the same while on PC. Anyway, at first, open the chat and tap on the location button. It should be visible prior to the more button.

Following that, you have to allow Facebook Messenger to access your location so that it can detect and show your location on the map.

Following that, just choose a location that you want to send. You have to use the landmark button to select the location.

The recipient will get a map like this.

Basically, Facebook used Here Maps. So, the interface will be different if you are familiar with Google Maps.

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