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Android - Only Paid - Week 14 2018 - APPS [AndroGalaxy]

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April 14, 2018, 05:19:28 PM
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1Password Password Manager Pro v6.7.3 [AndroGalaxy].apk
8-1 Offline Voice Translator Pro v2.95 [AndroGalaxy].apk
aCalendar Calendar Tasks v1.17.3 [AndroGalaxy].apk
AccuWeather Platinum v5.3.4 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Adguard Premium v2.11.76 Beta [AndroGalaxy].apk
Adobe Photoshop Express v4.0.451 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
ADV Screen Recorder v3.2.3 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
All-in-One Calculator v1.5.7 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
AndroMoney Pro v3.6.8 build 274 [AndroGalaxy].apk
AppMgr Pro III (App 2 SD) v4.40 [AndroGalaxy].apk
ARP Guard (WiFi Security) v2.5.4 [Unlocked][AndroGalaxy].apk
AutoMate – Car Dashboard v2.0.3.2 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
Automatic Call Recorder Pro v5.37 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Avira Antivirus Security 2018 v5.2.3 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
Avira AppLock v1.0.7 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
Avira Optimizer v1.4 build 232 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
B1 Archiver zip rar unzip Pro v1.0.0070 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Background Video Recorder Pro v1.2.7.8 Final [AndroGalaxy].apk
Barcode Reader Premium v1.5 [AndroGalaxy].apk
BitTorrent Torrent Downloads v4.11.0 [AndroGalaxy].apk
BlackPlayer EX Premium v20.38 build 266 Final [AndroGalaxy].apk
BlockaNet Free Proxy List v1.0.6 Pro [AndroGalaxy].apk
BSPlayer v1.29.194 [AndroGalaxy].apk
busuu – Easy Language Learning v13.2.0.60 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
BusyBox Pro v65 Final [AndroGalaxy].apk
CalcKit All in One Calculator v2.2.8 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
Call Recorder by C Mobile v14.9 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Call Recorder – ACR v28.2 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
Call Ringtones Maker v1.71 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
Calls Blacklist PRO – Call Blocker v3.2.25 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Cameringo Effects Camera v2.8.25 [AndroGalaxy].apk
CamScanner Phone PDF Creator Full v5.6.0.20180403 [AndroGalaxy].zip
CastBox Free Podcast Player v7.15.2 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Channel Manager Pro Youtube v1.7 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Chronus Home & Lock Widget v9.2.4 Final [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
Clipboard Manager Pro v2.4.2 [AndroGalaxy].apk
ClockView Always On Widget v3.70 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].zip
Couple Tracker – Phone monitor v1.79 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Dictionary Pro v8.0 build 801 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Do not open\Read Me.txt
Do not open\Torrent Downloaded From

Download Manager for Android v5.10.12020 [Unlocked][AndroGalaxy].apk
Downloader Private Browser v2.4.53 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
Draw On Screen Pro v1.1.1 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Duolingo Learn Languages v3.76.2 MOD [AndroGalaxy].apk
Early Bird Alarm Clock v5.1.0 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
English Tenses Book v152 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
Eon Player Pro v3.9 beta 2 [AndroGalaxy].apk
ES File Explorer v4. MOD [AndroGalaxy].apk
EX Kernel Manager v3.47 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Exodus Live TV v16.0 [Full Unlocked][AndroGalaxy].apk
FBReader Premium – Book Reader v2.8.9 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Fildo v2.9.9.6 [HQ MUSIC STREAMING & DOWNLOADER][AndroGalaxy].apk
File Explorer v7.0.2.0 [PlusRoot][AndroGalaxy].apk
FilmoraGo – Free Video Editor v3.1.2 [Unlocked][AndroGalaxy].apk
FITAPP Running Walking Fitness v5.1.1 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
FocusTimer Pro Habit Changer v1.7.0.1 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Follow realtime location v1.9.7 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Forest Stay focused v4.0.8 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
Free Books – Unlimited Library v2.1.1 [Unlocked][AndroGalaxy].apk
Free Music Player Endless Free Songs Premium v1.221 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Free VPN Betternet WiFi Proxy v4.0.6 [Unlocked][AndroGalaxy].apk
Full Battery Theft Alarm Pro v5.3.6r304 [AndroGalaxy].apk
FuTorrent Pro v1.1.1 [AndroGalaxy].apk
FX File Explorer v7.0.3.0 [PlusRoot][AndroGalaxy].apk
GalleryVault Pro v3.6.7 [AndroGalaxy].apk
GameGuardian v8.53.2 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Gesture Lock Screen PRO v2.3.b [AndroGalaxy].apk
GlassWire – Data Usage Privacy v1.1.300r [AndroGalaxy].apk
GO SMS Pro Premium v7.55 build 433 [AndroGalaxy].apk
GO Weather Forecast Widgets v6.144 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
GPS Compass Navigator v2.19.9 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
GPS Satellites Viewer v2.2.1 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
Greenify Donate 3.9.8 build 39800 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Headphones Equalizer Premium v2.3.18 [Unlocked][AndroGalaxy].apk
Hide Photos Videos Private Photo Vault v2.6.6 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
iFont Donate v5.8.7 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Image to Text (OCR Scanner) v1.50 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
Infinite Dose Calculator (PRO) v2.6 [AndroGalaxy].apk
InternetGuard Data Saver Firewall Pro v1.1 [AndroGalaxy].apk
jetAudio HD Music Player Plus v9.3.0 [AndroGalaxy].apk
KineMaster Pro Video Editor v4.3.0.10272.GP [AndroGalaxy].apk
Learn English Listening Premium v4.5.3 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Learn Languages Rosetta Stone v5.0.1 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Light Manager Pro – LED Settings v12.1.5 [AndroGalaxy].apk
LockMyPix Photo Video Vault v4.4.7 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Lumyer – Augmented Reality FULL v3.3.9 [AndroGalaxy].apk
MacroDroid – Device Automation v3.21.0 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware v3.2.2.1 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
Matrix operations premium v3.9.2 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Matrix operations premium v3.9.3 [AndroGalaxy].apk
MAX Video Player v1.0.6 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
Memento Database PRO v4.4.5 build 188 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Memorigi Premium Todo List Task v2.2.405 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Memrise Learn a Foreign Language v2.94_4809 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
Money Lover Money Manager v3.7.16.2018040602 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
Movavi Clips Video Editor Premium v2.8 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Mp3 Music Player v2.4.6 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
Multi Calculator v1.6.4 build 103 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
MusicAll (Spotify Killer) v2.0.19 [Ad Free][AndroGalaxy].apk
MUVIZ Navbar Music Visualizer v4.1.0.0 [AndroGalaxy].apk
My Xbox Live Friends v4.02 [AndroGalaxy].apk
NDTV News Premium – India v8.1.5 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Night Shift Pro – Blue Light Filter for Migraine v2.24 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Nine – Email Calendar v4.1.7i [AndroGalaxy].apk
Norton Security and Antivirus Premium v4.1.0.4072 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Notification History Log Pro v4.7.1 [AndroGalaxy].apk
NumBuster caller name who call v4.3.10 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Offline Dict Data.zip
Oxford Dictionary of English Premium v9.1.332 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Package Disabler Pro (All Android) v11.8 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Package Disabler Pro Samsung (No Root) v11.8 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Parallel Space Lite PRO v4.0.8466 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Password Manager SafeInCloud v18.1.1 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Peak – Brain Training v3.7.16 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Perfect Player IPTV v1.4.5 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Perfect Remote IPTV cast v1.1.10 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Personal Training Coach v2.11 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
Phone Cleaner & Booster Pro v1.0 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Photo Lab PRO Picture Editor v3.0.28 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Photo Studio PRO v2.0.14.3 [AndroGalaxy].apk
PhotoMotion Maker Living Animated Photo Creator v1.9 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro v1.8.6 build 56 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Pi Music Player v2.6.0.1 build 102 [AndroGalaxy].apk
PicsArt Photo Studio Premium v9.33.2 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Planit for Photographers Pro v8.6 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Podcast Addict Donate v3.51.1 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Podcast Republic Premium v18.04.05R [AndroGalaxy].apk
Polaris Office – Word, Docs, Sheets, Slide, PDF v7.3.22 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Ponydroid Download Manager v1.4.3 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Poster Maker,Flyer Designer,Ads Page Designer PRO v1.9 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Power Browser – Fast Internet Explorer v60.0.2016123039 [AndroGalaxy].apk
PowerDirector Video Editor App v4.11.1 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Programmers Calculator Pro v8.0 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Pulsar Music Player v1.7.7 build 112 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Quick Volume Controls Pro v1.9 [AndroGalaxy].apk
QuitNow PRO – Stop smoking v5.80.1 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Quote Me Pro Write text on photo v1.9 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Quran Majeed v2.9.84j [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
Qute Terminal console Premium v3.8 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
RAM Booster eXtreme Speed Pro v5.1.5p [AndroGalaxy].apk
RAM Master Cleaner Pro v5.0 [AndroGalaxy].apk
RAR for Android v5.60 build 50 Final [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
ReadItToMe Pro Unique Handsfree v1.9 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Root Call Blocker Pro v2.6.3.01 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Root Tool Case v1.14.2 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
Ruler Material Pro v1.03 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Runtastic PRO Running v8.4 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Satellite Pointer v4.7.3 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
Scanbot PDF Document Scanner v7.0.1.228 Pro [AndroGalaxy].apk
Scanner Radio Pro v6.8.3 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Screen Stream Mirroring v2.5.1d [AndroGalaxy].apk
SD Maid Pro v4.10.10 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Send Anywhere v8.3.29 [Unlocked][AndroGalaxy].apk
Sense Flip Clock Weather v4.27.01 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Service Disabler v1.0.5 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
SHAREit File Transfer v4.0.68_ww [AdFree][AndroGalaxy].apk
Shazam Encore v8.5.0-180326 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Shuttle Music Player v2.0.4 Final [AndroGalaxy].apk
Sidebar S8 Launcher – Edge Action v1.1.5 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
Sleep as Android v20180404 build 1895 [AndroGalaxy].apk
SnapTube YouTube Downloader v4.37.0.10721 [Vip][AndroGalaxy].apk
Solid Explorer File Manager v2.4.0 [Unlocked][AndroGalaxy].apk
SOUND CONTROL PRO v3.0.4 [Unlocked][AndroGalaxy].apk
SoundHound Music Discovery v8.6.0 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Speedtest.net v4.1.1 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
Spotify Music Premium v8.4.46.575 Final MOD [AndroGalaxy].apk
StayOn Always On Screen Timer v1.71 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].zip
Story Video Editor music stickers Kruso v2.3.9 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Super Backup Pro v2.2.18 [AndroGalaxy].apk
SuperSU PRO v2.82 SR5 [AndroGalaxy].apk
TabShop Point of Sale POS PRO v145 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Tapatalk Forums v7.4.0 [AndroGalaxy].apk
TeaTV v6.0r [Ad-Free][AndroGalaxy].apk
Terrarium TV HD Movies and TV Shows v1.9.8 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
Test Your Android v5.2.0 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Times Higher Education v3.0.1.2028.18 [AndroGalaxy].apk
tinyCam PRO v10.0 Final [AndroGalaxy].apk
Truecaller Caller ID Dialer v8.84.10 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
Tubemate v3.0.13 build 1040 [Ad Free][AndroGalaxy].apk
TuneIn Radio Pro v19.7 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Tweetings for Twitter v11.13.3.4 [AndroGalaxy].apk
TypIt Pro – Text on Photos v1.19 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Unfollow for Instagram Pro v1.3 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Vault-Hide SMS Premium v6.7.06.22 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Video Speed Slow Motion & Fast Premium v1.64 [AndroGalaxy].apk
VideoShow – Video Editor, Video Maker with Music v7.7.4rc [Mod][AndroGalaxy].apk
Voice Changer Voice Effects FX v1.1.0h [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
Volume Slider Like Android P v1.23 [AndroGalaxy].apk
VPN Master v1.7.0 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
WA Delete for Everyone View Deleted Messages v3.6 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
Walking Odometer Pro Premium v3.1 [AndroGalaxy].apk
We re Working Out Al Kavadlo Premium v1.5.0 [AndroGalaxy].apk
WeatherPro Premium v4.8.8.3 MOD [AndroGalaxy].apk
WiFi Mouse Pro v3.4.3 [AndroGalaxy].apk
WiFi OnOff PRO v1.0 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Windfinder PRO v3.1.2 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Wiseplay Premium v5.7.1 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Wps Wpa Tester Premium v3.8.4.6 [AndroGalaxy].apk
X-plore File Manager v3.98.31 [AndroGalaxy].apk
YMusic – YouTube music downloader v2.4.1 [AndroGalaxy].apk
Your Calendar Widget v1.16.1 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk
YouTube 13.11.57 MOD [AndroGalaxy].apk
Zapping Radio v1.7.4 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk
ZEDGE Ringtones Wallpapers v5.38.8 [AdFree][AndroGalaxy].apk
zetaTorrent Pro Torrent App v3.7.0 [AndroGalaxy].apk

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