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Title: SMS/Jokes/Poems Zone Rules [Topic with single sms/funny post are not allowed!]
Post by: Maverick.Dude™ on July 06, 2012, 03:22:23 PM
SMS/Jokes/Poems Zone Rules [Must Check Before Posting]

Rule #1-
All member's are requested to not post any sms having Abusive/Sexual/Ugly words or meaning.

Rule #2-
One liner jokes are not allowed.

Rule #3-
No one can post more than 20 sms in a day in whole sms section.

Rule #4-
Hence 10 sms is your max quota in whole section.
If any one found posting more than 20 jokes/sms per day will be warned or other necessory action will be taken.

Rule #5-
Only English as writing language is allowed in sms section (No sms in hindi, punjabi or other regional languages are allowed to post).

Rule #6-
Single topic for sms/jokes/poems/small posts are not allowed.
Create a topic and update all your small message in that topic.

Rule #7-
Single topic for stories/different stuff are allowed. But only 2-3 topic.
But if there are more that 2-3 such topics, then consider creating a topic and posting them all there.

Its expected to all the members to follow the rules otherwise action will be taken against such peoples.

With Thanks and Regards,
Title: Re: SMS/Jokes/Poems Zone Rules [Only English Language Allowed from - 18/12/2012]
Post by: Admin ♥♫ on December 18, 2012, 01:06:10 PM
rules updated, now only 10 sms per day and english language only is allowed.