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Mozart Meets India 2006 WEB DL CDrip 256KbpsCBR

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January 02, 2019, 03:42:32 PM
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Mozart Meets India 2006 WEB DL CDrip 256KbpsCBR

Mozart Meets India

1 - Bombay Jayashri - Adieu Atumn - Sindhubhairavi.mp3
2 - Embar Kannan - Mozart Meets India - Sankarabharanam.mp3
3 - OS Arun - Mystic Meanderings - Pantuvarali.mp3
4 - Punya Srinivas - Smile of the Lotus - Kapi.mp3
5 - Kishore Kumar - Hymn of Silence - Hamsanandi.mp3
6 - Kadri Gopalnath - Yathum Oore - Bilahari.mp3


Mozart meets India - Sa Re Ga Ma - Fusion - Various artists
Sa Re Ga Ma has released a CD album based on Indian ragas that blends with harmony to accompaniment of Western instruments. The first number, `Adieu autumn' in Sindhubhairavi, sung in a clear, ringing tone by the dulcet-voiced Bombay Jayashri Ramnath is swara and jati based. The Sankarabharanam varnam with instrumental innovations is an interesting exercise by Embar Kannan on the violin.

Brief excursion into tanam: `Mystic meanderings' sung in Pantuvarali by O.S.Arun with a pleasant orchestral backdrop is also more swara and raga oriented, with a brief excursion into Tanam by female singers. The raga spelling would be more correct if spelt Pantuvarali, instead of Banduvarali. Punya Srinivas is a very accomplished veena artiste whose playing is marked by pleasing nada and laya control. Her `Smile of the lotus' in raga Kapi is as refreshing as a sunflower blooming to the rays of the Sun. `The hymn of silence' is a melodic piece in Hamsanandi on the sitar by Kishore Kumar with the `Noopur' and tabla included in the orchestra. `Yaadhum Oore Yaavarum Kelir' is a line in the song of Kanian Poonkunranar and this concept has been elaborated with zest by Kadri Gopalnath in Bilahari on the saxophone. The album is named appropriately "Mozart meets India."


'Mozart Meets India,' an album that blends Carnatic melodies with western classical music, has been launched here as a tribute to musical prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, on his 250th birth anniversary.

The album has been produced by 'Tamil Maiyam', a city-based non-profit trust set up to promote art, literature and culture. The NGO came out with its maiden venture 'Thiruvasagam in Symphonic Oratorio' by maestro Ilayaraja last year.

Six carnatic ragas - Kapi, Panthuvarali, Sindhubhairavi, Bilahari, Sankarabharanam and Hamsanandi - were chosen for the project for their compatibility with symphonic music.
Eminent musicians including vocalists 'Bombay' Jayashri and O S Arun, violinist Embar Kannan, saxophone artiste Kadri Gopalnath and guitarist Arun Pandian were among those associated with the making of the album.

A live performance was held at the launch function here on Friday night in the presence of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi and Union Ministers Ambika Soni and Dayanidhi Maran.
The music for the album was composed and orchestrated by 'Nellai' Jesuraj, a young and unknown musician from rural Tirunelveli district in Tamil Nadu.

A theme song for world peace, composed by Mr Karunanidhi's daughter and poetess Kanimozhi was sung by a 70-member choir during the function.

'Tamil Maiyam' Managing Director Rev Jegath Gasper Raj said the album was an attempt to explore and create music that would transcend genre and culture, and make Indian classical music inclusive and relevant to the modern generations.

Stating that the title 'Mozart Meets India' was more allegoric and there were no Mozart compositions in the album, he said this could be an orchestral tribute to the music genius from India.

The final sound mixing for the album was done in the United States by Ian Cross, who works for Jimmy and Terry Lewis and have done mixing for big names like Janet Jackson, Jessica Simpson, Night Shyamalan and Arun Pandian.

The launch day proceeds from the project went to a charitable Trust 'Give Life,' which provides scholarships and career guidance to poor students.


Western classical harmony provides the backdrop for six soothing melodies based on Carnatic ragas in a new album called Mozart Meets India, on the composer's 250th birth anniversary.

The careful blending of the two forms of classical music styles injects a fresh tenor that is both appealing and inspiring. The dramatic orchestra movements act as a perfect foil to the subtlety and depth of Carnatic ragas.

The songs have been set to tune by a young composer from Tirunelveli, Nellai Jesuraj, and the participants include well-known musicians such as Bombay Jayshree, Kadri Gopalnath and OS Arun.

The 60-minute album also brought together more than 75 instrumentalists and vocalists.
"We want to reach the growing crossover audience," says Jegath Gaspar Raj, head of Tamil Maiyam, which is organising a string of concerts, the first of which will be held in Chennai.


Chennai will be honoring one of the world's most celebrated musicians on his 250th birth anniversary. Yes, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

An album titled Mozart Meets India has been created in his honour.

The album is a new symphony presented by Tamil Maiyam, a group that promotes Tamil culture and which produced the popular Thiruvasagam, a crossover musical version of the ancient Tamil Saivite literary work.

But there are no Mozart compositions in the album.

Reverend Jegath Gaspar Raj, who leads Tamil Maiyam, says, "The title is more allegoric. Mozart is the ultimate in the Western harmony tradition. The uniqueness of Indian music is its raaga based melodic depth. The beauty of Western music is its explorative versatility in harmony. That is why we decided to have in Mozart meets India a beautiful blend of the harmony tradition with the carnatic tradition. So, we thought the title is very apt."

Also, naming it after the famous Austrian in his special centenary year seemed like a great idea. And so the name was coined. Says Raj, "I thought our new album can be an orchestral tribute to Mozart from India."


Mozart Meets India (again)
Tamil Maiyam who produced ‘Thiruvasakam by Illayaraja’ has come up with yet another album of East meets west genre titled ‘Mozart meets India’. I had no expectations on this album but the concept of placing the ragas as it is with a symphony backing just made me curious to buy it. Illayaraja has done a lot like this before. Who can forget his ‘How to Name It’ and ‘Nothing but Wind’? The songs orchestrated by Jesurajan sound almost similar to that of IR’s style, format and structure of orchestration in HTNI and NBW. But I have got no complaints; Jesurajan has done a commendable job in fusing the two forms of music with both of the form following its own grammar.

The harmony in the songs is so beautiful, pleasant and relaxing to a large extent. May be the chosen ragas itself has got these qualities in it but the orchestral music running behind is written in a subtle and a modest way that it doesn’t distract the flow and the melody of the carnatic ragas played in the fore, which I feel is a no easy task to achieve. Predominantly the string section of the orchestra is used giving a breezy feel to all the songs and occasionally other instruments like oboe, French horn, clarinet, celesta peeps in. This is also where the problem arises as they sound like being added on compulsion as to show that a whole symphony orchestra is there playing in the background along with the strings. But the choirs are added perfectly in blend with the rest of ensemble.

Tracks like “Mystic Meanderings” and “Yathum Oorae” goes a little modern with the use of e-beats, acoustic drums and Piano, involving less of the orchestra. “Yathum Oorae” with Kadri Gopalnath on Sax sounds like how a fusion of Kenny G’s Sax and Yanni’s keys would sound if they play carnatic music. The tracks with vocals like Bombay Jayshree and O.S. Arun sounds really interesting as if the singers by mistake have entered a symphonic concert hall instead of a Carnatic katcheri Sabha. There is an emotional depth in the performance of both Bombay Jayshree and O.S. Arun which adds to the divinity and beauty of the tracks involving their vocals. It would really be great watching our classical singers sitting in the middle of a symphony orchestra performing those complex ragas in synch with the orchestral music.

Usually in Carnatic concerts, singers just have to concentrate on their own sruthi, rhythm and improvisations but not (to a large extent) on how well their rendition goes in synch with the Gatam, mirudangam or Violin that is playing along, but here the synergy and harmony with the orchestra is equally important. If at all they perform these pieces alive, (which didn’t happen as they announced earlier) it would really be interesting to watch. The tracks each with Violin, Veena and Sitar as the lead playing some beautiful ragas are also equally good. The one with Sitar named ‘Hymn to Silence’ has a serious Naushad sound to it may be because of the Hindustani connection.

On the whole, it definitely is a very good album to listen but I won’t agree if either Tamil Maiyam or anyone involved in the project claim this work to be the first of its kind in India. Mozart meets India (again). I heard that the intention of the album is to present Indian classical music in a globally understandable form. Who cares whether it reaches global audience or not? I feel so satisfied and relaxed when I listen to this album and that matters more than anything else. I listen to the album at least once in a day for the kind of calmness and peace it injects in my soul.


Music aficionados will get to savour a unique synthesis of India's Carnatic music and Western classical music as an NGO in Chennai launches a project called "Mozart Meets India".

The organisation, Tamil Maiyam, last year coordinated "Thiruvasagam", a project that featured noted music director and composer Ilayaraja working with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra. Thiruvasagam was the first production of Maiyam and the brainchild of Jegath Gaspar Raj.

"Thiruvasagam could not serve the purpose of taking Indian music to international audiences as the lyrics were in Tamil," Gaspar Raj told IANS.

The Mozart project will be different. The allusion to Mozart is, however, more symbolic than any real adaptation. The project will begin at a time when the world is celebrating Mozart's 250th birth anniversary.

"Carnatic ragas will be integrated with the discipline of Western harmony," said Gaspar Raj.

Joe Arun, who will be coordinator for the Mozart project, said: "The strength of Carnatic music is its melody and that of Western is its harmony. The result will transcend genre and certainly create world music."

The six ragas that will be taken up for the project are Kapi, Panthuvarali, Sindhubhairavi, Bilahari, Sankarabharanam and Hamsanandi. These ragas were chosen for their compatibility with symphonic music.

"The ragas will maintain their purity and grammar. The Western pieces too will maintain their grammar but it will not be fusion music," Gaspar Raj said.

A European string quartet will be roped in for the symphony and over 75 instrumentalists will take part in the project. Heading the team will be 34-year-old Nellai Jesuraj, who will arrange the orchestral score.

The musicians in the team will include vocalists Bombay Jayashri & OS Arun, Saxaphone player Kadri Gopinath, Violin player Embar Kannan, Sitar player Kishore Kumar and Veena player Punya Srinivas. The Western musicians will include guitarist Carlos Santana and Arun Pandian.

The project will cost Rs.2.5 million and the first release, slated for June, will be a live performance, the proceeds of which will go to charity. The organisation hopes to sell as many as two million CDs of the music that is being billed as India's first symphony.
                      VA - Mozart Meets India

Artist...............: Various Artists
Album................: Mozart Meets India
Genre................: Fusion
Source...............: NMR/WEB/DL
Year.................: 2006
Ripper...............: NMR
Codec................: LAME 3.97
Version..............: MPEG 1 Layer III
Quality..............: CBR 256, (avg. bitrate: 256kbps)
Channels.............: Joint Stereo / 44100 hz
Tags.................: ID3 v1.1, ID3 v2.3

Ripped by............: NMR
Posted by............: Swarint on 18-12-2018
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Included.............: NFO, M3U
Covers...............: Front Back


  1. Bombay Jayashri - Adieu Atumn                          [09:52]
  2. Embar Kannan - Mozart Meets India                      [08:36]
  3. OS Arun - Mystic Meanderings                            [09:01]
  4. Punya Srinivas - Smile of the Lotus                    [10:11]
  5. Kishore Kumar - Hymn of Silence                        [08:32]
  6. Kadri Gopalnath - Yathum Oore                          [08:31]

Playing Time.........: 54:46
Total Size...........: 100.87 MB


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